City Branding Part 1

The city around the world is competing to make the most allure branding. Even famous city like Paris and New

My Google Scholar

I just open my google scholar and found out a few articles I had written in the previous years. Source: That

Leadership Project from My Undergraduate Students

I was started teaching leadership courses since 2012. Leadership is one of my favorite courses, not because of the context

Inovasi Program Lahir Procot Pulang Bawa Akta Di Kabupaten Banyuwangi

Artikel ini dibuat pada tahun 2016 kemudian diterbitkan oleh Jurnal JTrap (Jurnal Teori dan Riset Administrasi Publik). Tulisan dibuat bersama

Tourism Branding in ASEAN Countries

ABSTRACT We know ASEAN motto is one vision, one identity, one community. For the purpose of ASEAN tourism, ASEAN using

Two sides of the same coin

This is my first article at New Mandala in Australian National University, written with my colleague Anggun Susilo. The article

Hello world!

Selamat Datang di Universitas Brawijaya. Ini adalah posting pertamaku