I am officially a student

Since my undergraduate program, I have known that I want to pursue my education to the highest level I can possibly achieve. I have been chasing to continue my study since 2014. Countless rejection from a potential advisor I had experienced from Germany, Australia, Netherland. In short, my destiny has brought me to Taiwan. My university generously sent us to Taiwan to find an advisor. It was in April 2018, I and my friends flew to Taiwan to meet our potential advisor. This is my first time to come to Taiwan. After meeting with my humble and kind Professor, he is Prof. Chyi-Lu Jang from College of Social Science National Sun Yat-Sen University Taiwan, he agrees to sign the consent form. Without Prof. Jang approval perhaps wont be admitted in this university. The process was quite fast. Just like people said if it’s meant to be it will be. I submitted my online application in March, meet my professor in April, the announcement of the result in June and the administrative process from July to August  And voila, this is it. In September 2018, I start my new journey. I received my id card two weeks after the class started.

Yeay this is my student id

Yeay this is my student id

I took political science as my major. In the first week, the Office of International Affairs has prepared a welcoming party for all international students.  The welcoming party

They served us a lot of food in the center of university park. I never imagine they have so many international students for degree student and exchange students. Most of the exchange students come from Europe. It is always nice to feel accepted and mingle in an international community. But the party doesn’t stop there it turns out my department Institute of Political Science also prepares a welcoming dinner for new students.  And they prepare it seriously and beautifully.

Welcoming ceremony for IPS students


The location of the ceremony was at Sun Beach Hotel just near the university, next to the beach. In the picture is the director of IPS Prof. Frank C. S Liu. Can you see the scenery behind him, it was gorgeous. He gives a speech when the sunset, gosh this is epic. This experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have come to the right place, they are a passionate and devoted lecture whose honored and caring for their students. And they serve so many foods. As a student, food is vital especially free food. The picture is for the first set, and they serve 6 to 7 sets, it was so many I couldn’t remember.

This is the first set


This is a good start, the department threat the students with so much respect and love. I hope me and all the students in IPS can enjoy our time in IPS and cherish every moment we have. Time to get serious, work hard and enjoy every moment.

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