The Individual Reformation Project

What is in our mind when we hear evolution, revolution, reformation, and transformation. What are the similarity and the difference between those four words? In a simple way, the similarity in these four words means change. The differences are the time of the process. To provide understanding to the student about the change I ask them to do an individual reformation project. For this project I ask the student to write it down their 10 bad habits they wish to change and then pick up one partner. After that, I ask my student to draw a picture on their bad habit with their partner in card board. At the end of class, I ask the student with their partner to switch the paper where they write down the bad habit and ask them to remind each other within a week to try to change the bad habit. The coming week I will evaluate the project.

The student start to draw their bad habit with their partner

The student starts to draw their bad habit with their partner

I ask the student to fold the cardboard into two parts and draw the line between the fold. They only can draw a picture in one side together and left the other side empty.


In the coming week, I ask the student individually whether their partner has a consistency to remind them to change the bad habit and what kind of effort they have made to change the bad habits. After receiving the report from the student I ask them to draw again in the empty side. I ask them to draw their biggest dream.

Pride project Malang

Pride project Malang

Oh my God

Oh my God





I ask the student to present their biggest dream without telling the other sides where they draw bad habits. There are so many great dreams and great pictures. And I ask them to compare both sides, can you achieve your dream if you have bad habits? Some of them convincingly answer no, some hesitate to answer and some of them just silent. The reformation project can reflect the bigger context. 20 years of Indonesia reformation after the riot of Soeharto there is a big change in terms of political shifting and system. But for the people is there any changes in their mindset? The answer can be yes and can be no. The hardest part of the reformation in Indonesia is to change the people mindset. That is what I’m trying to pass to my student. Can you try to change your habit within a week their answer is yes, does it change their answer is no. Well, it takes time to change the bad habits, at least they give it a try within a week. I hope the student can compare their own picture the left and the right side, the bad habit and the dream. The barrier is on the other side, if they can break their own barrier they can achieve the other side, it’s your reward.