The Leadership Tower

One of the important skill as a leader is communication skill. Many scholars have research about effective communication for a leader. For me, it must contain at least two things: how we listen and how to deliver the message. But I’m not going to elaborate on the theory or concept in how is the effective way for a leader to communicate. In this part, I wanted to show, how my students communicate without verbal language. One week before I had asked my students to bring unused paper, scissors, straws, tape, colored pencils. In the specific week, I usually execute it in week seventh. Firstly, I will divide students into 8-10 groups consist to 4-5 students. Then I will give them instruction to build a tower with the fitments they already bring. I will give them 20 minutes to build the tower with one condition, they can not speak to each other.

After they finish the tower, they will have 10 minutes to create a name for the tower and the philosophy behind the tower. In the 10 minutes, they can talk to each other. This is the final tower.

After a fast deliberation, one person who represents the group will explain in three minutes the name of the tower and the philosophy.

After all the group finishes the presentation I will judge the tower based on three criteria: philosophy, flexibility, and endurance. The philosophy I will grade the tower based on the presentation the score is from 1-3. The flexibility grade by the power of the tower to handle the wind, I blow the tower using my mouth and a fan from the paper the score is from 1-3. The final criteria are endurance I will befall the tower using heavy thing like a book, this criterion the score is from 1-5. The students usually shout in phase two and three, worrying about their tower and it’s so fun to watch. After finish grading all the tower I will make a rank the group and the highest group will have 100 for their quiz score.

The last part of the class is a reflection, the student can express their impression toward the simulation. What they feel and impression in making the tower without talking. From the reflection, I can asses the level of understanding in my student about the importance of communication. People sometimes take talking for granted, they can speak to solve the problem but they choose not to talk. They talk but they do not talk about the important stuff. Even without talking people still can understand each other, gesture is part of communication and sometimes we put it aside. The natural leader usually emerges in this simulation, and natural follower will also rise. Creativity can arise at a critical moment, and finally, the natural leader will emerge because she/he has a better idea while others don’t have a clue. But collective¬†leadership is as important¬†as single leadership, teamwork and trust to each other are the key components in building the tower. Even without talking they can still believe each other, because if they have the same purpose. With a clear purpose, they can achieve the target.